Riad Al Mamoune: a historic guest house in Marrakech

13 Mai


Are you thinking of taking a break in the city of Marrakech? Riad Al Mamoune most hospitable place that guarantees you an unforgettable stay in Marrakech. This great riad is conveniently located in one of the most popular places of the city, the medina, and just a few steps away from the Jamaa El Fna square.


It is a historical decor which offers to you the ocher city, a place which gathers various cultures, and various artistic styles;
This Riad built in Marrakech at the 16th century, period which represented the top of Saadienne civilization. The latter left architectural chiefs of works like El Badi palace, also the Marrakech hotel, a wonder which constitutes a true historical building of the ocher city.

Let you to charm by a traditional lodging which will take you at the time of his construction, while making you discover the esthetism of the contemporary design which offers today craftsmen in Marrakech.
For your stay in Marrakech, the guest house Riad Al Mamoune consists of two suites and 3 rooms, all decorated with much refinement of this way which will give you the desire for returning.

You can all know about this guest house of Marrakech, and also to reserve on line by visiting the site of hotel Riad Al Mamoune.

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