Real estate in Marrakesh: purchase of a riad for an incomparable quality of life

25 Jan

A real investment in Marrakesh for pleasure all year round

Many places in the world offer the advantages of Marrakesh, but none is so close to England, just a two and a half hour flight away. And the prices of the tickets are on average equivalent to those of the high-speed train!

It is a Mediterranean climate, with a most generous sun, that is awaiting you. There you will be able to enjoy the mildness of the air and the blue skies while escaping from the bad weather in your area. Without forgetting that the geographical location of Marrakesh surprises all those who visit the city it the wintertime: indeed, its magic reveals the snow-covered Atlas Mountains surrounding the city, where you can ski at Oukaïmeden, just over 40 miles from of the city centre.

Purchase of a riad in Marrakesh: real dynamism that reflects the energy of the city

Marrakesh is abundant in history and its architecture is rich and elegant. If you enjoy walking at a leisurely pace while admiring the life of a mysterious and fascinating city, you will be allured by the medina and its many surprises. The Souks are a true cave of Ali Baba and behind each wall real wonders await you. The riads, which only 10 years ago were on the point of collapse, drew the attention of many foreign investors who renovated and recovered the creativity of Moroccan interior decoration. So, why not you? Give it a try by purchasing a riad in Marrakesh!

But what enhances even more its historical side is its capacity to accommodate modernity and to lend it with tradition without denaturing its charm. The city is young and alive; every day it develops a little more by communicating its energy with all those who live in it. Admittedly, the prices to invest in Marrakesh start to suffer from the passion it has awakened in the last few years, but in comparison with the prices of properties in France, Italy or Spain, they remain very interesting indeed.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to find lands, houses, apartments or villas at prices defying European competition. For a retirement, a new departure, an investment project or the desire to have a second home to the sun, Marrakesh is most certainly the ideal place.

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