Nothing like “Terres et Voyage” for Hiking Morocco

21 Oct


“Terres et Voyages” is a tour operator that organises fascinating hiking Morocco tours and excursions, as well as countless camel trekking Morocco expeditions, Marrakesh day trips and other action-packed opportunities of exploring Marrakech and its surroundings.

With “Terres et Voyages” you can enrol in hiking Morocco tours to the beautiful snow-capped High Atlas Mountains, in Marrakech day trips down to the Drâa Valley -full of Kasbahs, palm groves and cave paintings-, in Marrakesh desert trips to the stunning sand seas near Merzouga, or even in exceptional and picturesque experiences such as camel trekking in Morocco‘s magnificent South.

The number of city breaks in Marrakech or leaving from Marrakech offered by “Terres et Voyages” is countless. Moreover, they propose innumerable kinds of expeditions, such as 4 wheel drive tours, camel trekking, cycling and mountain biking, quad, and even motorcycling tours.

Hiking Morocco with “Terres et Voyages” will be an unrepeatable experience as well as an exciting and memorable way of exploring Morocco, with its fascinating deserts, its supernatural oases, its breathtaking Kasbahs, its generous and hospitable peoples and its vigorous and palm groves.

When travelling to Morocco, come to Marrakech and enjoy the infinite opportunities that “Terres et Voyages” offers you of hiking Morocco in so many ways, as well as the exceptional chances that it suggests of exploring Marrakech and its beautiful surroundings in tailor-made tours and excursions.

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