Best Riad In Medina Of Marrakesh To Stay At This Year

17 Sep

 traditional cuisine in the riad Assouel

In a country of Morocco, specifically in the city of Marrakesh, you will find riads in the Medina section of the city that provide luxurious places to stay and relax. Riads are structures that were specifically built in order to house the royalty of Morocco years ago. Today, many of them have been revamped and modernized to cater to travelers worldwide. Marrakesh is the busiest city in all of Morocco, attracting tens of thousands of people every year. Although most of them are French, it is open to everyone, and people world wide that have stayed in a riad Morocco will always want to return.

History Of Marrakesh

n the heart of the Medina

Aside from Rabat, Fes and Casablanca, Marrakesh is the fourth-largest city. It is located near the Atlas Mountains, snowcapped peaks that form the foothills of the area. Of all the four Imperial cities in Morocco, Marrakesh is the most important. Back in the day, it was inhabited primarily by Berber farmers, the same people that today create Berber rugs. This has been going on since Neolithic times, but today many things have changed. Tourism is the primary way that this city generates revenue, and it typically revolves around staying at a riad in Medina of Marrakesh.

What To Expect At A Riad

Once you are inside of your riad, it is literally like a completely different place outside of the bustling Moroccan culture. Marrakesh has many streets that are filled with vendors, very busy people that create a substantial amount of noise, but within your riad you are in a completely different world. Everything is oriented toward the center, stemming from Islamic beliefs. It was designed to give people a way of escaping the outside world, something that nobles and royalty in the past could afford to build and enjoy.

Best Riads To Stay At In Marrakesh

a wonderfully authentic Riad in the Medina of Marrakech

Some of the best include Riad Les Yeux Bleus, Villa des Orangers and Riad Les Yeux Bleus. They have added so many modern amenities, it is a combination of modern culture meeting ancient royalty and design in one place. You can usually find a place that will cost a couple hundred dollars a night, similar to what you would find in an urban city. You will have access to the garden in the center which may have fruit trees, a swimming pool, and other luxuries. If you have not been to Morocco before, this would be a great place to start. It allows you to experience the culture of Morocco, and the mindset of those that lived centuries ago, the royalty that had access to, and the ability to build, a riad in Medina of Marrakesh.

Go ahead and book a vacation today, especially if you are headed to Morocco. Marrakesh will provide you with a riad that you will enjoy on your own, with a significant other, or even your family. Embrace the Moroccan culture while you are there, and enjoy your time away from your regular life. There really is no better way to relax and unwind than spending it at a riad in Morocco.

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